Thursday, April 12, 2018

Revisit My "Pejabat Tanah" experience

It has been almost 4 years since my last post in the blog. But recent events that took place for me dealing with some of public servants in "Pejabat Tanah" has triggered me to start writing as part of my unsatisfactory ventilation.

There are many "take home messages" which I can elicit when you want to perform change-of-name for land locally:

  1. You got to read carefully the instructions in the form (as their wordings can be confusing and outdated I suppose) and try to get as much detail as possible from the information counter (as their respond to call is very minimal)
  2. Do your own checklists  each time before you want to go to the office as you don't want to get turned back for not completing or bring the necessary document. Every time spent for going to the office and waiting for your turns are very precious as you are doing all these procedures during weekdays. 
  3. Ask for clarifications and questions each time before you go to the next stage of procedures. I was unlucky to deal with a very unfriendly customer service in the office. She taught that the customer familiarizes with the procedures as herself and I can say that she can be somehow quite rude in dealing with the customers. Excuse me, I know everyone is tired but that doesn't justify your such inconsiderate manner of talking to your customer.  At least you should assist your customer on what are the next steps should be taken or provide additional information. Not just mere saying your documents are incomplete and come again once completed as a form of clear rejection.
  4. Get information on the mode of payment clearly from the office as the ATM machine can be quite distant away from the office. No credit cards transactions are accepted for certain payments.

As I recall my experience past 3 months on changing the name for land, on top of my juggling with education and datelines, I've come out with my own flowchart. Coz I don't want other people to suffer what I've had before, and I don't think a new flowchart will be produced in near time. So here is my own flowchart (but in Malay language at the moment) for those who are planning to change the name of other people's land:

  1. Dapatkan Borang 14A di pejabat tanah yang berdekatan
  2. Isi borang 14A dengan DAKWAT HITAM BASAH, jangan tanda tangan dahulu (perlu tanda tangan di hadapan Pegawai Pentadbir Tanah. Sertakan:
    1. Geran tanah (original)
    2. Surat beranak penerima (original)
    3. Surat beranak pemberi (salinan)
    4. IC penerima & pemberi (salinan)
    5. Cukai tanah tahun semasa yg sudah dibayar
  3. Pergi ke Pejabat Tanah yg berdekatan berserta pemberi (pemilik asal tanah) dgn bawa dokumen2 di atas untuk:
    1. Pengesahan biometrik
    2. Tandatangan di hadapan Pegawai Pentadbir Tanah
  4. Pergi LHDN yang berdekatan untuk buat bayaran setem RM10, bawa sekali:
    1. Borang seksyen 5 (4 copies)
    2. Borang 14A
    3. Salinan hakmilik berkenaan
    4. Salinan IC pemberi dan penerima
  5. Tunggu panggilan drp pihak LHDN (lebih kurang 1 bulan) untuk dapatkan jumlah bayaran duti setem
  6. Buat bayaran duti setem di LHDN secara tunai/bank draft (dateline: 1 month drp tarikh diberitahu)
  7. Dapatkan surat pengecualian cukai pintu drp Majlis Perbandaran daerah (ikut geran tanah) sekiranya tanah kosong berstatus bangunan
    1. Bawa salinan geran tanah
    2. Isi borang di pejabat Majlis Perbandaran daerah
  8. Pergi ke Pejabat Tanah daerah (ikut geran tanah) dengan membawa dokumen-dokumen (dateline 3 months drp tarikh borang 14A ditandatangan, or else denda RM100):
    1. Borang 14 A (signed)
    2. Surat beranak penerima (original)
    3. Geran tanah (original)
    4. Cukai tanah tahun semasa yg telah dibayar
    5. Surat pengecualian cukai pintu drp Majlis Perbandaran daerah
    6. IC penerima dan pemberi (salinan)
    7. Surat beranak penerima (salinan)
Bayaran daftar mengikut nilaian pasaran hartanah (seperti yg ditulis dlm Notis Taksiran Pindah Milik Harta Tanah (Peremitan) drp LHDN - secara tunai
  1. Ambil geran tanah yg telah ditukar nama pemilik dari Pejabat Tanah daerah (ikut geran tanah) - dateline 7 hari bekerja daripada tarikh penghantaran, or else denda RM100

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seeking His Blessing

It has been a while since I jot down in this blog – almost 2 years already. Many things happened  past 2 years: got job transfer near to my family, got married, getting pregnant and now I’m already becoming a mother.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal…. Thanks to Allah for all the good things that happened in my life.
This year Ramadhan is special for me as I choose not to work even though I get no salary. Because I’d like to concentrate on ibadah while handling my baby girl as I’m still breastfeeding.
So far I can say that my baby is not a high demanding type but not an easy type too. We managed to attend Being Me conference held in PICC last june and she slept throughout the morning sessions in the mothers’ room despite all the havocs and crying of other little kids.

Though I can’t attend all the sessions, but I managed to write down one interesting talk regarding 2 types of heart of human being:

1. White Heart (Qalb Saliim)

This kind of heart is not affected by hardship and tribulations. It is filled with taqwa and sabr. The purer the heart, the easier once to obey Allah swt. In achieving this heart, we need to polish our hearts by making regular taubah.
Only in the Zikr of Allah will your heart find peace [Quran 13:28]

      2.    Black Heart

In contrary, this is the kind of heart disobey Allah’s orders…Naudzubillah

May this Holy Ramadhan blessed us with hearts which are filled with Ibadah, Istiqamah and Steadfastness….so that we will obtained the obedience toward our only Creator: Allah swt

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sheikh Raed bin Solah - Sheikh Al Aqsa

"I pledge allegiance in me after I swear allegiance to Allah to give away my age, my time, and all I have for Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque." - Sheikh Raed Solah

He is known to be the founder of the tunnels made by the Israelis under the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is part of their excavation work in order to ruin the Al- Aqsa mosque. He is the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel. In view of that, he was forced to serve a two-year sentence (2003 - 2005) as he was convicted by the Israel for funding Hamas and of having contact with an Iranian intelligence agent .

I still remember the last time when I saw his picture during my student days in UIA (few years back) on Palestine talks and video - young middle aged man with black hair. But now, he appeared much older than his present age. This shows how much troublesome and uneasiness he suffered as long as the Al-Aqsa is not freed from the Israel's occupation.

It was an honor for Malaysian to have him as our Palestinian guest though it was quite difficult for us to bring him inside our country as he held Israel passport. He was born in Umm al- Fahm (an Israeli-Arab city). Nevertheless, he is part of the remaining Palestinian who resist to fled away from their land even after being seized by the Israel. 

The main purpose of Sheikh Raed Solah coming to Malaysia is to turn fuel the sense of the unity of Malaysia on the issue of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Palestine issue is not an Arab issue but it is the obligation for the whole ummah to unite and strive together for the revival of  a free Palestine country. By seeing and hear ourselves from this prominent figure of Palestine heroic, the spirit of Palestine will be enlightened and further elevate this issue until it is ingrained in our daily lives.

The current danger situation of al-Aqsa mosque may not be highlighted by the media, hence created unawareness among the Muslims on this issue. Looking back to his tireless effort in defending the Al-Aqsa Syarif, it was disheartening to notice some of the attitude of Muslims in our country who choose to be ignorant and not interested in meeting this inspiring and great person...

Though he speak in Arabic in all his talks during the roadshow, but his 'aura' and motivation showed from his words and kind-hearted look. I still remember his last few words in his speech during one of the talk given in Putrajaya, he advised the Muslims particularly the youngsters for never giving up or feel dismay in striving for Palestine. His words are full of wisdom and optimistic:

Surely we will win,
Never look back again...

Photo sources: google images and aman palestin website